Prizes Awarded to Dongqing Li

RSFAS is very pleased to announce that Dongqing Li, one of our actuarial Honours students from 2017, has been awarded the AMP Prize for best 2017 Honours thesis in Actuarial Studies for her thesis entitled: Modelling Advanced Age Mortality using Extreme Value Theory: A Revisit of the Threshold Life Table Method.

Among other comments an examiner of her thesis reported: "there was a nice mix of theoretical background and approach, use of graphs and visual representation, critique (reflective) of methodologies, fitting to and use of real world data, and appreciation of application being important for an actuarial thesis."

Dongqing did her undergraduate studies at the ANU over the period 2014-2016, majoring in actuarial studies. Apart from a single "Distinction" mark, her academic record shows an unbroken string of High Distinctions for every course she took.

As an additional honour, Dongqing was also awarded the Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants Prize for the best result in the RSFAS Actuarial Control Cycle course, 2017.

Other prizes and awards Dongqing has accumulated during her scholastic career include:

• Membership of the Golden Key International Honour Society (2016)

• UNSW Mathematics and Statistics Vacation Research Scholarship (2015)

• ANU International Terell Scholarship (2014)

• Scholarship for international students with outstanding academic performance (2014) (4 Recipients University wide.)

• Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation (2014)

• Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation (2015)

• Renmin University Affiliated High School Model Student Merit (2012)

During her time at the ANU she was also very actively involved in extra curricular community based activities, including acting as an ANU Student Ambassador, representing the ANU at recruitment events and activities such as campus tours, college/high school visits, career exhibitions and other ANU events (2015), and as an ANU College and Business and Economics Student Ambassador (2016-2017). She also acted as International Market Officer, assisting the ANU International Marketing and Development Office with events such as graduation receptions, alumni events and college prizes ceremonies, and acted as English-Chinese translator for campus interviews with Xiamen and other universities, during her time at the ANU.

Dongqing is currently employed in the Finance industry in Sydney and is busy completing her Actuarial Institute of Australia exemption units part-time.

Dongqing's Honours thesis was supervised by Dr Fei Huang and Prof. Ross Maller. RSFAS and the ANU are very proud of Dongqing's achievements and congratulate her warmly on her accomplishments.

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