Student Managed Fund

The "Student Managed Fund" (SMF) is a 12 unit offering available at the undergraduate (FINM3009 + FINM3010) and postgraduate (FINM6009 + FINM6010) levels. Students in this course are responsible for the management of a fund comprising over $0.6 million, under the guidance of course convenors. This amount reflects donations made to the University, with the intent that the funds be managed by students, and be used to support the philanthropic activities within CBE. The course therefore provides a unique opportunity for deep activity based learning. The primary task of students is to make investment recommendations to be reviewed and endorsed by an Investment Committee that includes top industry practitioners from around Australia and ANU staff. Students are also responsible for the day-to-day functions typical of a managed fund.

Entry to the course is competitive, with only a small number of places available. Students must be able to enrol in the fund for two consecutive semesters, and apply to be part of the fund via a written application followed by a face-to-face interview with the Convenors. There are four sub-teams within the fund, each with differing pre-requisites. Students who do not meet the pre-requisites of a particular team, but who have prior training or experience that they believe provides them with the skills and understanding required for that team, may still apply by providing justification to this effect. The teams are as follows:

  • Active Australian Equities team (pre-requisite: FINM2003 or FINM7008; co-requisite FINM3005 or FINM7044): undertakes research and makes investment proposals regarding Australian shares
  • Asset Allocation team (pre-requisite: FINM2003 or FINM7008; co-requisite FINM3008 or FINM8016): undertakes research and makes investment proposals regarding the Fund’s broad asset mix, which are implemented using ETFs
  • Risk and Compliance team (pre-requisite: FINM2003 or FINM7008): roles include portfolio analysis and reporting (including performance evaluation), risk management and compliance monitoring
  • Relationship team: (pre-requisite: FINM1001 or FINM7006): manages the communication of SMF activities to external parties, including via reports, social media platforms and fostering engagement especially with other ANU students and staff

For more information on the eligibility criteria, pre-requisites and admission process, please see the most recent SMF Admission Procedure (link below). This application round has now closed, with applications for Semester 1, 2021 entry into the Fund opening in September.

Click here for the most recent call for applications.

Note: As detailed in the link above, students are asked to submit an investment recommendation as part of their application. This provides applicants an opportunity to showcase their potential to research and communicate a recommended course of action in an investing context. Guidelines are left deliberately broad. For example, the recommendation could be stock specific, related to asset allocation or for a particular asset class, and does not have to be specifically targeted towards the SMF. If granted an interview, students will be asked questions regarding the recommendation. The team(s) a student is applying for in conjunction with the Finance courses they have competed will be taken into consideration. For example, a student applying for the Relationship Team who has only undertaken Foundations of Finance will not be expected to show the same level of complexity and understanding as a student applying for the Asset Allocation and/or Active Australian Equities teams who has completed Corporate Valuation and Portfolio Construction.

For further information about the Student Managed Fund, please see the following links:

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