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Ross Maller


A seminar by Professor Ross Maller from the Australian National University

Title: Species Sampling Models Generated by Negative Binomial Processes


I'll continue a seminar I gave last year in which a new class of distributions related to one of Kingman's Poisson-Dirichlet distributions was defined. A version of Ewens' sampling formula  was derived for it. I'll reprise this briefly then go on to obtain a formula for $K_n$,  the number of allele types/species observed in a sample of size $n$. Then I calculate the large-sample distribution of $K_n$ as $n$ tends to infinity. It's not normal!

As for last year, I'll use a set of genetics data on the near-threatened marsupial quoll to motivate.

The analysis gets fairly technical but I hope has some ideas that are generally useful.

Start date:

11am Thursday, 15 Aug 2019

End date:

12pm Thursday, 15 Aug 2019


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Ross Maller

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