Michael Powers (Tsinghua)

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Michael Powers

Actuarial Studies

A seminar by Michael Powers from Tsinghua University

Title: The Future of Risk-Class Prohibitions: A Conceptual Analysis

Abstract: The U.S. federal government prohibits the use of certain demographic variables for assessing borrower risk in financial lending and other matters of extending credit.  At the state level, weaker prohibitions apply to assessments of policyholder risk in insurance underwriting and pricing.  Although direct violations of such prohibitions are rare, issues of “disparate impact”, in which certain protected classes of borrowers/policyholders are disproportionately harmed by the use of non-prohibited variables, remain a concern.  In the present work, we take a conceptual – and somewhat speculative – approach to exploring the long-term impact of “big data” and “machine learning” on both disparate impact as a statistical issue, and social attitudes toward risk-class prohibitions.

Start date:

11am Thursday, 5 Sep 2019

End date:

12pm Thursday, 5 Sep 2019




Michael Powers

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