Daniel Simpson (Toronto)

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Daniel Simpson


A seminar by Daniel Simpson from the University of Toronto

Title: Sometimes having a continuous interpretation is useful. Sometimes it isn't. A story about Gaussian random fields

Abstract: Viewing Gaussian random fields (GRFs) as solutions to differential equations has been a useful theoretical trick since Whittle's pioneering work in the mid 1950s. More recently, Lindgren, Rue and Lindström (2011) leveraged this idea and added to the lively literature on using basis function expansions as a way to scale up GRFs.  In this talk, I will explore some of our successes with this idea, some of our failures, and some thoughts for where this can go in the future.

Start date:

11am Thursday, 25 Jul 2019

End date:

12pm Thursday, 25 Jul 2019




Daniel Simpson

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